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thieves snatch precious mems from a lost child -- off a y area it's sad at this time of year that somebody would do that. >> thieves snatch precious memories from a lost child off a bay area launch the plea from a family to give back what can never be replaced. . black friday, now dubbed black and blue friday. the shocking scenes of bargain hunters bashing their way to holiday savings. and digging through the rubble tonight at a scottish pub. the disastrous scene caused by the crash of a police helicopter. good evening. >> a cold hearted grinch has struck a concord neighborhood. someone swiped some precious statues from the front of a home home on olive drive in front of a house dubbed mr. christmas. what was taken has a special
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meaning to the homeowner. >> reporter: i can't explain it any better than this sign behind me can. it says "please give us back our statues." the sign outside this home is simple and heart felt. >> it's sad at this time of year that somebody would do that. what value could they be to someone else. >> reporter: these two gnomes are what they're talking about. they were made by his daughter when she was a young girl. >> her mother had a ceramic shop and she made them in the shop. >> reporter: and have been around this family ever since. >> at christmas time we drag the train and i'm responsible for one or maybe even two chips taken out of these things. >> reporter: carline died two years ago in the motorcycle
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crash and gnomes went outside for the neighbors to admire. around hallowe'en the pair walked away so frank put the sign up to appeal to the thieves' sense of humanity. >> whoever saw them and thought to talk them, please go by the house again and read the sign and have some compassion in their hearts. >> reporter: his odds aren't bad. it's right across the street from the lighted mr. christmas house in concord. frank just wants a piece of his daughter back where it belongs. >> and i would appreciate very much if they returned them. there would be no hard feelings. i'm just interested in getting them back. >> i believe they'll be back. >> reporter: now you're taking a live look at the mr. christmas house. the family is quite convinced at this point that in fact they will get those statues back on their front lawn because of the amount of traffic that comes through this neighborhood to see
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those lights and, in turn, of course will see that time. . there's been an uptick in burglaries in concord recently. 18 have been reported in the last week. the week before, 17. and the week before that, 26 break-ins were reported. other neighborhoods on the look out for a burglary. he broke into a warm springs home tuesday entering through a sliding glass door. what he did not know is a home security system was recording him inside the house. >> this is kind of a calm neighborhood, i would say. it's shocking to hear such a thing here. >> police say that the homeowner was notified his home's video surveillance system had been triggered. as of tonight detectives have not released that video. crime in san fransisco is on the rise. new numbers show it at a five-year high. police are fighting back.
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handing out these flyers today in union square warning people to protect their valuables. 46,000 crimes were reported from january 1st through october 31st. they say that's mostly because of the increase in smart phone robberies. if the trend continues, the city is on track to see crime go up nearly 22% from last year. in oakland, property and violent crimes are up 23%. san jose has seen property crimes rise nearly 33%. we're hearing the reminders to stay safe getting too and from the malls. police warn people not to heave packages visible in a car. stay alert and aware of your surroundings. it's that time of year when the start of the holiday shopping season turns even the most mild mannered gift buyers
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into maniacs. >> the tasers were deployed. >> that is a taser being use the outside of a store in philadelphia. this apparent impersonator was arrested outside a wal-mart in southern california. he was among the hundreds of people protesting outside wal-mart stores accusing the retail giant of paying workers substandard wages. dozens of demonstrators were arrested in a variety of cities. black friday was a little calmer near the bay area. >> thank goodness but there were some long, long lines. brian webb on the details to be had in the east bay. >> reporter: old navy, big sales draw big crowds separating customer from cash. >> i came down after getting ready this morning. >> we ended up going to several
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sales. >> reporter: with six fewer shopping days this season retailers are bending over backwards to meet expectations. >> we're getting a great crowd in today. >> reporter: customers walk out with a bagful of clothes and coupons about good deals to come. buyer beware. financial expert george necleti hiti says they need to spend more than they have. between a still struggling economy, internet sales are on the rise. and black friday sales are far from a sure success. >> about the same as last year. if i can find a great deal, yeah, i'll get it. >> reporter: but the sea of shoppers at old navy seemed willing to trade long lines for
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good deals. the credit card bill, they'll worry about next year. >> still have money in my pocket. >> that's a good sign. >> that's a good sign. >> reporter: expert even better deals as we creep closer to christmas but you risk missing out on the special gift if you wait too long. brian webb, kpix 5. other shoppers are shunning the major chain stores and keeping their money closer to home. in oakland where it's about plaid, not black friday day. >> reporter: it's supposed to be an illusion to the independent shops. don't buy from big box stores but show love for local businesses with their wallets. forget the flat screens and the fist fights of black friday, this is oakland's own version of the day after thanksgiving sales. they call it plaid friday.
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>> we wanted to do plaid friday. >> reporter: a shopping tradition that urges oaklanders to ditch the door busters and make a statement by shopping local and independent. >> you support artisons who are here every day to bring positive attention to the city of oakland. >> definitely the smaller shops need our support. >> reporter: downtown oakland has struggled to keep business here. empty store fronts used to litter this area. but the owner says plaid friday has changed things. >> the turnout we had today was extraordinary. >> reporter: bullock sold double the shoes she would normally sell today. >> today is the kind of food traffic that any retail store wants, nonstop, consistent people coming in. >> reporter: and over at show and tell, aleah baker said shirt sales spiked over the first plaid friday three years ago.
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>> easily 50 to 60% more traffic. >> reporter: it is a sorely needed boost for local shops. but a short lived boost. barbara wants to see oakland do more for local retailers. >> it should be something that happens more often. >> the city has to keep us here and that's just the bottom line. >> reporter: plaid friday started in oakland but it is spreading everywhere. flrp plaid fridays in massachusetts, vermont and one in canada. you survived the crowds of black or plaid friday and ready to click your way to a deal on cyber monday. but first, there's a new push for people to think globally but shop locally. >> reporter: crafts by local artists, getting ready for tomorrow. its at first time the downtown
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businesses are organizing to promote small business saturday. >> people start thinking where am i spending my money and they know if you shop local, it stays local. >> reporter: small business saturday started in 2010 but american express as a way of drumming up holiday sales for local businesses. in pacifica small retailers have organized for small business saturday. christmas by the cove's owner says it puts their stores on the map. >> definitely one of our better days of the year and we've been here for 18 christmases. >> reporter: next door the owner of hoffman's fine wines and spirits says every day is critical for retail. she hopes this is that gift that keeps giving. >> that's what we're hoping for, that's what i'm hoping for is they'll come back because they'll remember us as a small, unique little area. >> reporter: this year merchants marketed saturday with special door mats and reusable bags and palo alto moved the date of its
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tree lighting ceremony to coincide with small business saturday. the downtown promotion was news to this couple. >> no, we hadn't heard about it. >> i think it's a good thing to help out small businesses. >> reporter: participating merchants have credits for those who mention small business saturday. . disaster at a scottish pub packed with young music fans. a police helicopter crashes through the roof. >> is part of the problem the stigma that it's a man's job? >> of course. >> and moving in on men. the trend in employment that's putsing more women to work. the weather trend has been up. in fact 10 degrees above normal today in many of our locations
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and 10 degrees below normal, when to expect it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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,, a police . new video tonight of what's being described as a who arable scene in glasgow, scotland.
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a police helicopter crashed through the roof of a pub, packed with young people listening to a band. at least three people are feared dead, possibly the chopper crew. but authorities say there are many injuries and some people are still trapped inside. there's no word on the possible cause for that crash, though witnesses say they heard sputtering and the aircraft appeared to drop out of the sky. breaking news, a palo alto veteran designed in north korea is being accused of killing civilians during the korean war. >> collected information of the kpa and attacked the communication system and killed three innocent operators. >> north korea released this video tonight of 85-year-old merle newman reading an apparent apology. he admitted to the crimes and hostile acts against the state during a recent trip, says the country. the official news agency in korea says the government has
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accepted his apology. health care website is now off line undergoing about 11 hours of repairs. was supposed to make it easy to shop for health insurance but turned into a disaster. technicians have been working on upgrades but no one can say how well the site will work. >> if i had to place a bet i'm betting they're going to get it done, but there's no way for sure to know. >> the white house is urging people not to flood the website right away tomorrow. the obama administration says it should be able to handle 800,000 applicants a day beginning sunday. a new jobs report due out next week is expected to show strong gains in the u.s. workforce. among the biggest bennefactors? women. >> reporter: 3% of women work in
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construction but now there's an unprecedented opportunity to get more of them into the trade. the average male worker is 50 years old and getting closer to retirement. >> it had never occurred to me that i would want to be a carpenter. >> reporter: amy judd picked up a hammer 15 years ago when she couldn't find a job teaching. >> it's part of the problem the stigma that it's a man's job. >> of course, of course. that's part of the problem. >> reporter: last year the labor department allocated close to $2 million in grants for women in non-traditional occupations like construction. >> it's not carrying heavy things and carrying a tool belt, you can make a livable wage. >> reporter: the average wage for a construction worker is $26 an hour. amy judd now has her own business and half of her eight
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employees are women. michelle miller, cbs news, burlington, vermont. bay area headlines, truckers staged a second protest at the port of oakland today. they're demanding better pay and financial help to meet emissions standards. that could cost $80,000 per truck. unlike wednesday's protest there were no citations issued today. walnut creek police are searching for this man. they say he walked into a bank of america branch in the ross moore shopping center 5:00 this afternoon and walked out with cash. witnesses say the man may have gotten into a white honda. police say no sign that the man was armed. there is a wide range of weather today, perfect for shopping, perfect for watching the tree being lit and perfect for sliding, too. >> that's right. we had snow in the bay area today, how about that. >> amazing. >> it's christmas miracle. >> oh. >> right? take you north of the golden gate bridge.
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the kids were enjoying themselves today. look at that. how much fun is that? sledding in san rafael and i hope your child was out and about enjoying this because they'll only be able to do so until noon tomorrow when all of this is forecast to melt away. today's high temperature in san rafael. 67 degrees. the normal high 61. look what we have on tap for saturday and sunday. down goes the temperature significantly by tuesday and then only a high by wednesday of 54. even cooler conditions for thursday. we're looking toward the bay bridge, clear skies, no wind at all, the bay waters are flat at this hour. take a look at what's going on in oakland, 47 degrees. 44 in santa rosa. everybody else is in the 50s. cool night on tap tonight after realizing high up to 10 degrees above average for this time of year. in oakland it was 68.
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low 70s in san jose. but morgan hill had 73, gilroy at 77 degrees. tonight overnight into the 40s. could see isolated upper 30s around glen allen. otherwise 43 degrees in redwood city. bottom line, patchy fog around the san mateo coast line otherwise a starry night. tomorrow morning, a repeat performance from today, ditto on sunday. much colder air mass working its way into our forecast. area low pressure to the south providing rain showers hay cross the l.a. basin today. to the north of the pacific northwest we have a stagnant ridge of low pressure that will keep us status quo before the changes come. 60s in the high sierra. 60s and 70s will be common and
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then it is another spare the air day. bad air quality to the north. here is your extended forecast. slight chance of rain showers on tuesday but most notably will be the temperatures. a high of 50 for the warmest location ton thursday. >> get out the coats. >> thank you. >> brrr. from the kids enjoying a winter wonderland on a man made sled. how about the gang that couldn't shoot straight to the man who couldn't rob right, know that should be correctly. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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history. about 53-million dollars woh of jewelry was taken at the jewelry exhibition at a hotn cannes .
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surveillance video has been released on a jewelry heist in france. $50 million of jewelry was taken at a hotel in cannes last july. the man flashed a gun and scared shop keepers and unarmed security guards. it took him 30 seconds to walk away with the stash. another crook caught on camera, not quite as smooth. the man walked into a gas station in florida, put the gun in the clerk's face, demands the money. now, the clerk not only complies he tries to kill the thief with kindness. that's when things went wrong. >> i gave him the money and he started taking the money, let me bag it for you. we start bagging it. and then i thought you know what you should double bag it. >> double bag is a good idea. he suggested the robber grab the beer. the robber drags the bag, runs, fumble the beer outside and
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drops that. the cash, that goes flying but the cops were then there and they got him. the warriors thought they had it locked up tonight in okc. could the thunder steal one from the warriors and beat the buzzer? that's next. ,,,, female announcer: through sunday, through sunday, thanksgiving weekend, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic.
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clock.... " " . remember when iguodala beat the thunder with a last second shot. what comes around goes around. >> missed fire, big rebound, loose outof bound, westbrook got it. >> he hits the game winner with
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1/10 of a second on the clock. the thunder beat the warriors in overtime. brent burns in the lineup, the sharks beat the blues 6-3. we'll be back with the giants agreeing to a one year deal, $5 million. san jose state is bowl eligible with an upset in 16th ranked fresno state in the game where both defenses decided to take the day off. 62-52 the spartans win. oakland high in the silver bowl. the mchyman's wins 44-16 for the fourth straight oakland section title. 1400 yards of offense in that san jose state game. it was amazing to watch. very exciting. >> i love watching those guys. >> and they're bowling now.
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>> great. [ laughter ]. >> see you at 11. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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